Furthering women's soccer like no magazine has done before

About Us

What we’re all about

The objective of Our Game Magazine is simple. We want to further the popularity of women’s soccer throughout the world. Our aim is to provide a creative, unique perspective like no magazine has ever done before. Soccer is the one game that can unite the world, and we want to aid in the growth of the women’s side of it.

The staff at Our Game Magazine is fully committed to bringing you a quality product stemmed from insightful soccer minds and a passion for the beautiful game.

How we began

Our Game Magazine started when founder Khaled El-Ahmad approached professional soccer player Tiffany Weimer, who has a degree in journalism, with the idea of starting a global women’s soccer magazine.

Weimer took on the role of editor-in-chief, and soon after, writers were recruited for its first issue: Leslie Osborne, Alyssa Naeher, Carmelina Moscato, Mike LeGates, Olaf Goldbecker, Ryan Wood, and Kat Galsim.

The issue, designed by Robert Weimer, debuted in June 2010. And as the magazine’s popularity quickly rose, more from the women’s soccer community joined in to contribute—Meagan McCray, Manya Makoski, Yael Averbuch, Carrie Dew, Ciara McCormack, Gloria Averbuch and Nancy Clark, Martin Desmarais, Beto Alfaya, Mark Hanzel, and David Bayer. Michelle Chang and Karie Mikel signed up as well to assist in designing the issues.

Our Game Magazine‘s readership continues to grow as Weimer and the staff aim to cover every aspect of women’s soccer and to promote the beautiful game across the globe.

Our Game Magazine is a product of Connect World Football.