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Stephanie Labbe: Guess who’s back?

Well, today was officially the first day back between the pipes today with my gloves on since I tore my PCL three and a half weeks ago! The fact that I am moving the way I am, with no feeling of pain or weakness still amazes me. Back on May 1, when I suffered my injury, naturally, I NEVER thought I would be doing as much as I am at this time. Since I woke up on May 2, I had a goal to be back for World Cup, and I haven’t looked back once. (more…)


Stephanie Labbe: Just believe …

For the first time in my life, I have been faced with an injury that has kept me out of play for longer than a week and a half. On May 1, in our game vs Kristianstad, I suffered a knee injury 25 minutes into the game. I did everything I could to keep playing, but two corners and five minutes later, I had to come out. It was no longer possible for me to continue, and it was only fair to the rest of the team. I got an MRI, and I am just waiting on our doctor to confirm the results before announcing it, but what I can say is this is something I am determined to fight through, and I wont let it hold me back. (more…)

Stephanie Labbe: Canadian teammates/friends visit Piteå

After the game in Stockholm with my three great Canadian friends/biggest fans

It has been a very interesting week here in Piteå. Something I never thought would happen happened! My double lives collided, head on! The Canadian team has been on break for the past week and a half, and fortunately for me, three of my close friends from the team decided Sweden was where they wanted to spend their break! Carmelina, Kaylyn, and Marie-Eve hopped on the plane and began their trip to the north. (more…)

Stephanie Labbe: The “double life” of a national team keeper

Since the end of the 2009 Damallsvenskan season, we, Piteå IF, have been looking forward to our first game back in the Damallsvenskan. We had a very successful 2009, winning Division 1, and earning our spot back in the top league. It was a year of very hard work, but it paid off, and our moment is here. We had our first game back in the league on Wednesday vs. Linköping, away. They finished among the top of the table last year, and were recently knocked out of the Champions League in the semifinal. They are a strong, fast, talented team, that we knew would be very tough, not only from their recent successes, but from playing them two years ago. (more…)

Sweden coach Thomas Dennerby names roster for friendly vs. Canada

Sweden Women’s National Team Head Coach Thomas Dennerby has named his squad for the April 2 friendly against Canada. The two teams will play in Rome. Both teams will compete in this summer’s FIFA Women’s World Cup. Sweden is in Group C with the U.S., North Korea, and Colombia. Canada is in Group A with Germany, France, and Nigeria. (more…)

Stephanie Labbe: From Cyprus Cup to Sweden

Living out of a bag is really starting to get old! Its been six and a half years since I last lived at home, and I have attempted throughout the years to keep my life packed into 3-4 bags. Not ideal. But that’s the price I have to pay for having the job I have, and doing what I love. Speaking of doing what I love, a lot has happened in the past week and a half since I last blogged. We (Canadian National Team) made it to the Cyprus Cup final, meeting Holland. The last time we met Holland was in December in the Brazil Four Nations Tournament. (more…)