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Lisa-Marie Woods: Yes or No?


I have been anxious to write this blog, as I knew I would wait until the roster for the WWC got released. It could have been a day of joy or a day of misery. As I told you in the last blog, I had an exciting week ahead of me, which was last week. It was the week where I had the national team camp as well as the cup final against Brondby. We all knew that this was our last chance to prove ourselves good enough for the World Cup team, and I had to give everything to prove that I would be the right selection. (more…)


Norway releases its World Cup roster

The Norwegian Women’s National Team announced its World Cup roster this morning. Coach Eli Landsem named 19 players and will add two more prior to the World Cup. Lene Storløkken (LSK Kvinner) Lise Klaveness (Stabæk) are recovering from injury and still could make the squad, but are still being assessed. The roster features six players from the 2010 Norwegian Football Cup champions Røa, including former Lene Mykjåland, who played last year for the Washington Freedom of Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS). (more…)

Lisa-Marie Woods: National Team and the upcoming World Cup

The Norwegian National team started their preparations a long time ago, and soon it will all be put to the test. We haven’t had as many days in camp as many of the other nations have, but we have gotten individual follow-up and gotten to play good games for our clubs. I wrote a blog from the Algarve Cup, saying we have a lot to work on before we consider ourselves ready for the World Cup, and when the team met up earlier this month, it was obvious that many had taken this to heart. (more…)

Lisa-Marie Woods: The ups and downs in the life of a soccer player

Soccer is serious, and some claim it is more important than life and death. I am not going to debate that statement here, but I will ensure you that it IS life, when you dedicate yourself to the game 100 percent. Maybe it is not healthy, I don’t know. Sometimes it is the healthiest thing on earth, as the pleasure it gives is something you will carry with you and hold your head high. At times though, it can be the most devastating and stressful. Yes, like any other life choice, it carries its ups and downs with it. (more…)

Norwegian top leagues continue trend of financial troubles

By Ciara McCormack

While the Toppserien lost Donn to bankruptcy at the end of 2010, before the start of the 2011, the 1st Division had already lost Orkla and Manglerud Star because of financial trouble. Now, not even a quarter way through the 2011 season, financial concerns continue to plague Norway’s historically strong leagues. Last week, Trondheim’s Orn was in the headlines because of financial troubles. Assistant coach Peter Pedersen was let go due to financial troubles, and it was reported that head coach Goril Kringen is currently coaching without a contract. (more…)

Lisa-Marie Woods: Back in season with a W

Last time when I wrote a blog like this, we were in sunny Turkey. Needless to say that the results were a little disappointing with a 1-1 draw against Sky Blue FC that ended up with a loss on penalties. Yes, we had two people who missed in that game, and guess who was one of them? Yes MOI!! Disappointing as anything. A PK should be easy peasy, so I went up, saw the keeper going the wrong way, and went to kick it hard up in the opposite corner. Easy enough, right? Wrong… the ball hit the crossbar and came back down, but never crossed the goal line. At the time I could do nothing but laugh at myself as it was just sooooo typical. Arrrrgh But hey, chin up. I will take the PK if we make it to any final this year, and I WILL score! (more…)