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Interviews with Emma Part 7: A Conversation with Atlanta’s Keeley Dowling

Emma with Keeley Dowling

By David Bayer

When Keeley signed with the Beat in the off-season, the only thing I heard about her was that she has an incredible vertical leap. After meeting her, we found there are many incredible things about her. She’s warm, friendly, unassuming, and has a smile that leaps out at you. (more…)


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Interviews with Emma Part 6: A Conversation with Atlanta’s Lauren Sesselmann

Emma with Lauren Sesselmann

By David Bayer

We’re back to the Beat, but not just any Beat player…an original Beat player. In fact, the only original Beat player still with the team. (Lori Chalupny joined mid-season in 2010) As such, we’ve had many occasions to meet Lauren ( Emma must have a couple hundred of her autographs), but this was our first “real” conversation. (more…)

Interviews with Emma Part 5: A Conversation with Philadelphia’s Leigh Ann Robinson

Emma with Leigh Ann Robinson

By David Bayer

It was old home week as Philly (our old hometown) came to Atlanta with two former Beat players, Kia McNeill and Leigh Ann Robinson, both favorites of ours. Our interview was scheduled with Leigh Ann, so we waited … and waited … and waited some more. But we did so patiently because she was busy talking to the many fans who wanted to see her; some even had signs for her. When I think of Leigh Ann, two main things come to mind: the funny way she holds her hands when she has the ball, and the fact that after every game – win or lose – she always made her way to both sides of the stadium to greet the fans. (more…)

McCall and Emma – The Journey Continues

By David Bayer

As I mentioned at the end of my March 23rd article, our Bayer family and McCall Zerboni have not let a few miles (873 to be exact) get in the way of our relationship. We also won’t let that distance get in the way of teaming up to help others. Breast cancer awareness is very important to McCall, having lost a relative to this terrible disease. Our family has lost two friends, and we have another who has battled through it. Last fall, we participated in a local awareness festival to help raise funds. This year, we are again doing our part, but on a more widespread level. (more…)

Interviews with Emma Part 4: A Conversation with Atlanta Beat’s Megan Jesolva

Emma with Megan Jesolva

By David Bayer

No game in Atlanta this week? No problem. It was time to talk to a Beat player anyway. Unlike our first three interviews, we went with a rookie this time. I had a couple of brief interactions with Megan, even before the season began, and it was easy to see that she is definitely a “people person.” And, judging
from the amount of cheering that Emma has been doing for her at Beat games, she’s also a “little people’s person.” We caught up with Megan away from the stadium. (more…)