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FA Women’s Super League

Maria Karlsson: Home sweet home

I love to travel, to be abroad, meet new people and new cultures, to taste new food and get new experiences, and since January all that has been a big part of my life. I’ve really enjoyed my first four months in England and all the new experiences I’ve had and all new people I’ve met.

Last week, Kylla Sjoman and I were in Barcelona and Rome. It was a lovely week with sun, ice cream, sea, tapas, FC Barcelona, new friends, pizza, Colosseum, and espresso. The foreign girls in Doncaster (Kylla, Aine, and I) have had a good time at Ramada Hotel, but Kylla and I didn’t miss the hotel food when we ate home cooked pasta in Italy. It was lovely! In Barcelona, we watched FC Barcelona’s last home game for the season. The game was average, but the celebrations after were the most amazing I’ve ever seen. More than 70,000 people congratulated the Spanish Champions, and I really look forward to tonight’s Champions League game. I feel prepared after being at both Old Trafford and Camp Nou the last months. I hope we’ll see a well played game between two tactical teams that want to attack. (more…)


Maria Karlsson: First half of FA Women’s Super League season comes to a close

We have now played seven games, and the first part of the season has passed by far too quickly. My personal opinion is that the league could have been played another three weeks, and then continue after the Women’s World Cup from end of July to October. I know it’s only eight teams, but why not play every team three times instead of two? I like when it’s intense between the games, but the
training suffers, and it’s hard for the clubs to get time to advertise each big game. Especially for our club, which has had three home games in the last eight days. I’m sure that the clubs and the FA have the same goal – that the players, teams and the game should develop. That will bring a bigger crowd to the games and more sponsors and money to the clubs. It would be a win-win situation for all parts. This of course is something that takes time and is a long-term project, and I think that this first season will teach a lot about how the future will look.

Catching up with Scotland’s rising star and Arsenal midfielder Kim Little

Kim Little cuts through the Linkoping FC midfield in the UEFA Women’s Champions League (Getty Images)

Kim Little has accomplished so much in such a short period of time. The 20-year-old Scottish midfielder joined Arsenal in December 2007, and in her first two seasons with the North London club (2008-09, 2009-10), Little scored a total of 71 goals in 78 matches, including 47 last year in 36 appearances. She earned Player of the Year honors last season and has been a part of Arsenal teams that have won two Premier League titles and one FA Cup. Little is also a mainstay on the Scottish Women’s National Team and scored the game-winner in Scotland’s Cyprus Cup win over England earlier this year. We had a chance to catch up with Little this weekend. (more…)

Leagues from U.S. to Japan are set to begin 2011 seasons

It’s a busy time of the year for women’s soccer as many players are preparing for the FIFA Women’s World Cup while also competing with their club teams in the top leagues all over the world. Several teams have high expectations for themselves as preseason is wrapping up and games are about to begin. Our Game has been following what has been happening in offseason and has placed predictions on each league. Read on to see the thoughts of top players and coaches as they give their expectations for their season and the impact they feel the Women’s World Cup will have on their league. (more…)

Arsenal vs. Everton highlight FA Women’s Cup fifth round

Last year’s FA Women’s Cup winners Everton and the 2010 runners-up Arsenal will not meet again this year in the FA Cup final. Instead, the two rivals will face each other in Sunday’s FA Cup fifth round. And this year, as opposed to year’s past, the two teams that qualify for the Champions League will be the two teams that make it to the FA Cup finals, so either Arsenal or Everton will be eliminated from Champions League contention. (more…)