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Lisa-Marie Woods

Lisa-Marie Woods: A whole new focus

As I write this, I am sitting on the ferry on my way from Denmark to Norway. We have just beaten Brondby, 2-1, in a well-played game that was broadcast on national television. As you might know by now, Brondby won the league this year, and we came in second. I feel that is a fair result after all. We won two games against them and they won two games against us. We had the chances to come out as number one, but we failed when it counted most. Silver is not bad, even though it only is best of the losers. My journey with the team has been up and down. While I have been on the team, we have played some fantastic games, but unfortunally we have also played some
terrible games. That’s also what separates a number one team from a number two team. (more…)

Lisa-Marie Woods: Yes or No?


I have been anxious to write this blog, as I knew I would wait until the roster for the WWC got released. It could have been a day of joy or a day of misery. As I told you in the last blog, I had an exciting week ahead of me, which was last week. It was the week where I had the national team camp as well as the cup final against Brondby. We all knew that this was our last chance to prove ourselves good enough for the World Cup team, and I had to give everything to prove that I would be the right selection. (more…)

Lisa-Marie Woods: National Team and the upcoming World Cup

The Norwegian National team started their preparations a long time ago, and soon it will all be put to the test. We haven’t had as many days in camp as many of the other nations have, but we have gotten individual follow-up and gotten to play good games for our clubs. I wrote a blog from the Algarve Cup, saying we have a lot to work on before we consider ourselves ready for the World Cup, and when the team met up earlier this month, it was obvious that many had taken this to heart. (more…)

Lisa-Marie Woods: The ups and downs in the life of a soccer player

Soccer is serious, and some claim it is more important than life and death. I am not going to debate that statement here, but I will ensure you that it IS life, when you dedicate yourself to the game 100 percent. Maybe it is not healthy, I don’t know. Sometimes it is the healthiest thing on earth, as the pleasure it gives is something you will carry with you and hold your head high. At times though, it can be the most devastating and stressful. Yes, like any other life choice, it carries its ups and downs with it. (more…)

Lisa-Marie Woods sums up her Algarve experience

In my last blog, I got as far as to tell you abut our good start with beating Finland 2-1 in the Algarve Cup. Well, it would come to show that the rest of the matches did not carry the same good feeling. The second team we played in Portugal was the USA. The USA came out aggressive and so did we. None of the teams could really settle any play in the first 20 minutes, and it went back and forth between the teams. Then after 20 minutes, it was downhill for Norway and a good climb uphill for the US. They took more and more over and won 2-0 in the end. Well deserved if you ask me. The US played up to their potential and came off as a very solid team, while as we have a ways to go before our potential is reached. Hate to loose, but (we) lost against a better team. (more…)

Norway’s Lisa-Marie Woods checks in from Algarve Cup

Away with the national team

I must say that after all the days of snow and playing in the cold, I was happy to leave and play in the Algarve Cup with the Norwegian national team. The weather has been great with about 18 degrees Celsius and sun. It is so lovely to play in T-shirt and shorts again. But OK, enough talk about the weather, as that is not the interesting stuff. After arriving here, we have had a lot of good trainings as well as a game against Finland. (more…)

Lisa-Marie Woods: Settled in at Fortuna

I feel like I have been in Denmark and playing for Fortuna for a while now, when in reality it has only been about two weeks. I take that as a good sign as that means that I have settled in well with the team both on and off the field. Any player that goes abroad to play with a new team knows that this kind of settlement early is really important. It allows you to lower your guard, just be yourself and have fun with playing and getting better.

Since I last wrote we have had two other friendly games. First game was against Gøteborg from Sweden, and then the second game was against a boys/junior. team. We won the first game, 2-1, and drew the second game, 1-1. We have performed better and better in each game, and we are starting to show some real potential. We do still have our work set out for us, but I am really happy about the development I have seen. My own form is also getting better and better, and it is easier and easier to play alongside my new teammates. That is a relief for me personally. Thanks to Fortuna for making this “easy” for me! (more…)

First weekend with my new team, Fortuna Hjørring, Danish champions

After December 2010, I was out of contract and looking for a new club. It took me some time to find the right team for me, but now I have found it and it seems to just what I am looking for. With it being the World Cup this year, I had to make sure that whatever team I decided on had to be very professional both on and off the field so my focus can be on training and getting fit for the World Cup. (more…)