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Allie Long

Allie Long – saving the “Canine Pitch Invader”

It absolutely amazes me that in two days almost 55,000 views on YouTube have hit on the video the “Canine Pitch Invader.” If you haven’t seen it, then you probably should so that what I am saying makes sense. Anyways, I have been playing professional soccer for three years, won a national championship at the University of North Carolina and have been involved with many other things that in my opinion are noteworthy. Never in my right mind would I ever think that removing a dog from a field would be so popular. (more…)


Allie Long: ‘That reversed smashed car feeling is only temporary’

The beginning of preseason is just around the corner. Being physically fit is an imperative aspect of being a professional athlete. The winter time would be a perfect excuse not to work out for an average person, but typically at this point in my life this excuse doesn’t
work for me. My injury that I got in December while in camp with the U-23 National Team set me back somewhat, which has led me to the belief that the treadmill might be the worst and best invention ever created and simultaneously my best friend and absolute worst enemy. As I am sitting in my room usually ready to go to the gym two hours before I actually leave to go to the gym, I sit and think: two hours, yes, TWO HOURS, before I am ready to go, this new feeling in my stomach and my brain starts to kick in. I never felt it before, but It’s the feeling like you just reversed into someone’s car, you heard a smash but do not want to go out and see the damage that has been done. That feeling is the same feeling I get when I think of getting in my car to go to the gym. At this point, I mentally talk myself in to going, “Come on Allie, you will thank yourself for the hard work you put in after it’s over.” Yes, it works for about two seconds until, “But damn, it is the most pain I felt in a really long time.” (more…)

Allie Long’s got game … and she challenges FIFA

As for my very first blog writing for the infamous Our Game Magazine, it is clear to me that I should open my career with a banging first blog. As for that, I really hope the owner of FIFA subscribes to Our Game in hopes of reading this, and when I say FIFA, I am referring to the video game. As I watch the beautiful game of soccer being controlled by two people in unidentified locations via Xbox LIVE, I wonder why no one is playing with a women’s soccer team. (more…)