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Brazil beats Chile behind goals from Aline, Marta, and Rosana

By Beto Alfaya

On Saturday, the Brazilian National Team beat Chile, 3-0, in a friendly at the northeastern city of Maceió, Marta’s birth state. The game was planned as part of celebrations for the future Marta’s memorial that will be built at the Rei Pelé stadium, with presence of Marta and the National Team. The local authorities officially began construction.

Coach Kleiton Lima had the opportunity to substitute nine players to play during the game, as both teams agreed, to observe different formations and its options with young players. Defender Aline Pellegrino scored the first after a corner kick, just tapping with her foot to the goal. Minutes later, Marta hit the crossbar on a individual play. The second goal came through a cross from the right as the winger Fabiana served Marta who just touched to the goal.

In the second half, with several players substituted and Brazil scored at the end of the game on another cross, this one from the young star Thais to Rosana, who scored heading to the net. Brazil will play the next friendly in preparations for the World Cup next June 16th, at the city of Fortaleza against Argentina.


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