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Our Game – Our Sport!

By Khaled El-Ahmad – Founder, Our Game Magazine

I know Our Game Magazine focuses on the beautiful game of soccer. But during my recent travels across oceans I came upon my first Paulo Coelho book, The Witch from Portobello. Why I was moved to write down my thoughts, I am still not sure. Maybe because I am personally involved in female sports on a daily basis and know the struggle these athletes go through. Maybe because I in a strange way feel a connection between Athena and every woman out there trying her best to be the best she can be.

Before you continue to read, understand and respect that this isn’t an article with answers; it’s just words to make you think twice about your perception of female sports, maybe even a woman’s struggle in general.

You will probably disagree and find many reasons to prove me wrong, which is okay, as that is a result of me making you aware. When we look at sports ,we as humans, without hesitation, think about it as a men’s game. A game where men, like ancient Greek gods have the ability to express its human nature.

Excersice, excitment, nervousness, happiness, sadness and more are all feelings we strive to feel in our daily lives. If we as a society love sports for all that it gives us, if we as a society work towards the feelings described above, why are we so blind to our own inability to let it be a a true sport for everyone?

You are probably asking yourself, what am I thinking? The sport is for everyone! But I challenge your thoughts. Is it really?

Do you enjoy the beauty of the game as much as when you watch your son,
brother, father or a male play compared to when your daughter, wife, sister, a female plays. Does the society, religion, culture truly dictate freedom within the sport? Do females have the same path to fully reach their potential? I believe and I challenge this to you as a reader by saying NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Millions flock to watch men’s sports (including me), and we take it for granted that men are better, faster and thus worthy all the hype. The money, the fame belongs to them. We never question what in our society seems to be a given, that a man is stronger than a woman. And yes men in nature do possess all the physical powers women don’t, but is that the reason for creating such a gap, such inequality between genders?

Where did it all start when history tells us that some of the best warriors, athletes, godesses, saints, visionaries, weren’t women? Why is that a woman so easily falls behind the shadow of a man? Is it her own fault? Or do we as a society play a role? Why do you motivate a her differently than him?

As mentioned, I don’t have the right answer, I just base most of it on countless encounters with women. And I have come to the conclusion that it is our human nature to worry about women, to make them more vurnable than they actually are. From the day she is born you treat her differently, talk to her differently. You even lead her differently towards tomorrow.


Mostly because we fear that she can easily be taken advantage of, she easily gets hurt, because the world is not a good place? Why limit them with their physical capablity?

What about empowering them to be the strongest the best? Why don’t you tell her that impossible is nothing? Will she not be prepared for what life throws at her. Will she not be better prepared to face all aspects of life?

Instead of making her a victim or worrying about the greater risk she faces, encourage her, let her bloom, let her reach her full potential. Let her be the best she can be the same way you let him. Give her the environment and empowerment to grow, and I am certain she will not disappoint. She will thrive. She will entertain. She will succeed.

If you doubt me, open your eyes!

Take a look at women’s tennis, figure skating, the increasing number of women running successful businesses and more. They have achieved that even though the playing field is not equal. They are physically not as strong. They don’t receive the same economic support by our society.

And finally … you (man or woman) don’t show her that the sky is the limit! Not many answers, I know, but hopefully it got you thinking. Hopefully you will support her and make her stronger to be the best she can be.

Note: I know there are many of you out there that agree and do support! For that she thanks you!


One response

  1. Mark Daube

    I agree with you 100%. Well written and well said. I’m a straight, single male who is fed up with the greed and arrogance I see in so many male dominated sports. I don’t even follow men’s soccer. But, the first time I saw my High School girls varsity basket ball team play, I was convinced. They played better, and with more heart and passion than the boys team. World Cup 99′ got me hooked on Women’s Soccer. Woen may not be as strong or fast, put they do posses something that the men lack. GRACE!

    March 8, 2011 at 9:40 pm

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