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Umeå tops Piteå to win Allstar Midwinter Cup

Sofia Jakobsson scored all three goals in regulation for Umeå, and Piteå answered all three times, but in the end, penalties decided the final match of the Allstar Midwinter Cup. Umeå won, 6-5, on penalties and in doing so won the Allstar Midwinter Cup. Earlier this weekend, both teams beat Lulea DFC and Sunnanå to set up Sunday’s tournament finale.

Jennifer Nobis, who scored six goals in three games, equalized twice for Piteå Sunday, while Erika Karlsson scored the team’s other goal. Nobis scored once in a 3-1 win over Lulea and three times in a 9-0 win against Sunnanå. Umeå opened the tournament with a 5-0 win over Sunnanå, getting two goals Hanna Pettersson, who returned this season from an ankle injury. Emmelie Konradsson, Nigerian international Ogonna Chukwudi, and Anna Westerlund also scored for Umeå.

Umeå beat Lulea DFC, 7-1, on Saturday. Swiss international and former Atlanta Beat forward Ramona Bachmann and Nigerian international Rita Chikwelu each scored two goals, and Jakobsson, Linda Molin, and Pernilla Nordlund all scored a goal apiece.


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