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Stephanie Labbe

Stephanie Labbe: Guess who’s back?

Well, today was officially the first day back between the pipes today with my gloves on since I tore my PCL three and a half weeks ago! The fact that I am moving the way I am, with no feeling of pain or weakness still amazes me. Back on May 1, when I suffered my injury, naturally, I NEVER thought I would be doing as much as I am at this time. Since I woke up on May 2, I had a goal to be back for World Cup, and I haven’t looked back once. (more…)

Stephanie Labbe: Just believe …

For the first time in my life, I have been faced with an injury that has kept me out of play for longer than a week and a half. On May 1, in our game vs Kristianstad, I suffered a knee injury 25 minutes into the game. I did everything I could to keep playing, but two corners and five minutes later, I had to come out. It was no longer possible for me to continue, and it was only fair to the rest of the team. I got an MRI, and I am just waiting on our doctor to confirm the results before announcing it, but what I can say is this is something I am determined to fight through, and I wont let it hold me back. (more…)

Stephanie Labbe: Canadian teammates/friends visit Piteå

After the game in Stockholm with my three great Canadian friends/biggest fans

It has been a very interesting week here in Piteå. Something I never thought would happen happened! My double lives collided, head on! The Canadian team has been on break for the past week and a half, and fortunately for me, three of my close friends from the team decided Sweden was where they wanted to spend their break! Carmelina, Kaylyn, and Marie-Eve hopped on the plane and began their trip to the north. (more…)

Stephanie Labbe: The “double life” of a national team keeper

Since the end of the 2009 Damallsvenskan season, we, Piteå IF, have been looking forward to our first game back in the Damallsvenskan. We had a very successful 2009, winning Division 1, and earning our spot back in the top league. It was a year of very hard work, but it paid off, and our moment is here. We had our first game back in the league on Wednesday vs. Linköping, away. They finished among the top of the table last year, and were recently knocked out of the Champions League in the semifinal. They are a strong, fast, talented team, that we knew would be very tough, not only from their recent successes, but from playing them two years ago. (more…)

Stephanie Labbe Video Blog: When in Rome Part 2

This is part two of Stephanie Labbe’s video blog from Rome. She continues her tour of Italy with some of her Canadian teammates, and even drops by a Serie A game with keeper Karina LeBlanc. Marie-Eve Nault provides the footage again. Enjoy part two, and if you missed it click here for part one.

Stephanie Labbe Video Blog: When in Rome Part 1

Stephanie Labbe checks in from Rome where the Canadian Women’s National Team is currently training. She takes us on a tour of Italy with some of her Canadian teammates, including Carmelina Moscato and Karina LeBlanc, while Marie-Eve Nault makes her directorial debut behind the camera. Here’s part one of Stephanie’s video blog.

Stephanie Labbe: My life in Piteå!

Piteå "downtown"

Since returning last week from Holland, where I had met up with my Swedish club, Piteå, I have finally had the chance to settle back into my little niche here. It is so great to be with my team and bonding and hanging out with them. It is hard being away for so long, as you gain a lot with one team, but then miss out on some with another. Sometimes I feel like I am living a double life! Either way, its been great to be back, and play some friendly games in our gear up for the start of the season!

This past weekend, we played two games, the first against a Norwegian club, Trondheim, in which we won 3-1. We played well and created many chances offensively. The second game was against Umeå IK. It was a hard-fought game both ways, ending in a 3-3 tie. PKs were done to ultimately give Umeå the win on the sixth shooter. It was a tough loss, but some really positive things coming out of the game for us! (more…)

Stephanie Labbe: From Cyprus Cup to Sweden

Living out of a bag is really starting to get old! Its been six and a half years since I last lived at home, and I have attempted throughout the years to keep my life packed into 3-4 bags. Not ideal. But that’s the price I have to pay for having the job I have, and doing what I love. Speaking of doing what I love, a lot has happened in the past week and a half since I last blogged. We (Canadian National Team) made it to the Cyprus Cup final, meeting Holland. The last time we met Holland was in December in the Brazil Four Nations Tournament. (more…)

Stephanie Labbe delivers music video and more from Cyprus

Can the Canadian Women’s Team Dance?!?! My vote is yes … without a doubt. Some of our moves may be a little less, um, coordinated, but there is definitely some hidden talent on this team! About a week ago, Carmelina received a little dance/singing video from a few of the USA players who are in Portugal for the Algarve. They of course wanted a response. So, the Canadians we are, of course we not only had to respond, but we took it up a “few” notches and blew their video out of the water, not that it was a competition. But I think we may have turned it into one! (more…)

When in Rome

Shopping=my weakness. OK, I have many weaknesses, like chocolate, candy, new clothes, and possibly even watches. Unfortunately for my bank account, on our day off in Rome, I indulged in some of these weaknesses. “When in Rome, right?” After many hard days of testing, training, and workouts, we were rewarded with a day off.  Some girls on the team stayed back to do some rehab/treatments for injuries and knocks, and some of us went into the city to explore a little, and of course shop. We are girls, what do you expect right? (more…)

Stephanie Labbe talks Valentine’s Day, fitness testing, and foam rollers

Happy Valentines Day!

Typically on Valentine’s Day I would want to wake up to a nice box of chocolates, or candy, or maybe even flowers and a card … but not this year, not today.  OK, I wont lie, I did get some chocolates and candy and a card, but that’s a secret … OK, not anymore, but it was! This year for Valentine’s Day, I woke up with my Canadian team to weigh-ins, fat testing, strength testing, and fitness testing. (more…)

Some Words From Up North, Eh!

Since arriving home from China, getting back on my proper sleep pattern has been a challenge to say the least. From late afternoon naps, to 3 a.m. Skype sessions with teammates, to 5 a.m. mornings wide awake, I have now managed to get myself back on a decent sleep schedule. It took a while, but by forcing myself out of the house during the day it has come around … almost all the way. Just in time for me to fly off to Sweden and go through it all over again! (more…)


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